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"Moving is always stressful. Even though the idea of a new home is exciting, getting there can be difficult. I recently moved neighbourhoods in search of trees. I found some big ones, and just as I'd hoped, they surrounded a 'perfect' little house. The weathered bungalow was unusual- it had had a few lives- but I was convinced I could see comfort and charm.


I met Toula on the first day of school a few years ago. Our sons were on the same bus, and we came too soon know-the same age, same grade, and on the way to what was to be: great friends. My first impression of her was just how nice she was, how unusually comfortable to talk to she was, how I immediately felt at ease.


I showed her my little tarnished find, and she agreed that it could be shined up. Even more importantly, she understood why its quirkiness appealed to me. Next thing I know, Toula had realized it, and always, always -so gently.  


It was a bit of a project. Constant surprises, some near disasters, just enough good news to keep you going-- I'm sure if you've ever done some renovation, relied on some technicians, or even just had a couch or curtains made-- it sounds familiar. We were doing all of that, and much more. Nevertheless, Toula seemed to tame the storm of all that into a gentle breeze. Always calm, always positive, she glided me through the process. She gave me options, she complimented everything I was keeping, and she always managed to elevate my suggestions.  


Her impeccable taste, her eye for detail, and her awareness of the benefit of smart decisions made for a powerful combination. I relied on her guidance, and she realized my home.


Best part? She kept us smiling.  Thanks, T. "

- LAUREN HOLLY, Oakville

Toula Interiors
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